ECO T5 Multiswitch Range

Simplify your IRS Installations with the new adjustable tap

The range is designed with the latest chipset technology and offers financial gains for your business – saving you time and rationalising the products required.

Traditionally installs required a designated tap value per floor for balancing a system. The new, innovative TRIAX adjustable tap enables the same tap to be used on all floors, creating a balanced system with excellent linearity across all polarities.

Active, unity gain 5 input cascade switches are available in 5 sizes up to 32 outputs.

Supplied with a 3 year warranty.


Total Flexibilty and System Integration

  • Adjacent products can be connected with ‘quick F’ adaptors (370009)
  • Side connections on all products
  • Class A screening
  • High isolation between signal lines
  • Excellent linearity across polarities
  • Power can be injected from many points in the system
  • Two adjustable taps (1 way and 2 way) covers all attenuation values
  • Compact Design – saves riser space
  • Green LED indicates power present on all products


The T5 Advantage

  • Complete, cost effective and flexible solution
  • Integration and compliance with all dSCR switches
  • Compatible with other IRS ranges
  • Low Power consumption
  • Small, Medium, Large and VERY large solutions.
  • Easy planning using Triax Design On-Line
  • UK Technical Support team


The complete range


Download our brochure here:

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24  TRIAX ECO T5 Cascadable Multiswitch range

Compatible with the TRIAX dSCR ‘add on’ multiswitch for Sky Q without altering existing 5 wire IRS systems (307368 - TMDS 42C)

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