Flexible and fully supported

TRIAX is your ultimate choice when delivering reliable solutions to the hospitality sector, improving guest engagement and maximising revenues. Our unique, all-in-one platform provides tailored services throughout the entire guest journey, resulting in happy guests, happy staff, and happy hotels.

Use our middleware to take the pain out of guest services. Hotels can use our unique, easily configurable platform to serve guests before, during and after their stay. Deliver Video On Demand, targeted information and offers, room service and much more – either on in-room TVs or guests’ own devices, to ensure a just-like-home experience.

Partner this with our High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) platform to offer flexible, billable Wi-Fi to guests. It’s the fully customisable, easy to configure way to deliver reliable connections every time, with low operating and maintenance costs.

Complement your solution with cutting edge TRIAX hardware that’s a breeze to install and manage. Alongside a lifetime of unrivalled service and support, it’s the ultimate way to improve the hotel experience and maximise your business.

A rewarding journey. An easy decision.

Your benefits include:
  1. Maximum uptime, happy guests and opportunity for better ratings
  2. Low depreciation and maximum ROI: modular adaptive design and hybrid installation options
  3. Minimised in-room maintenance costs and disturbance: intuitive solution management and remote maintenance
  4. Documentation and system configuration safely stored and backed up by 24/7 service support
  5. Intuitive and user-friendly CMS ensures efficient front-desk management and excellent guest services via TV and mobile devices
  6. Plug & play headend installations, hot-swap and remote access – reducing configuration, installation and service time

Recommended products

The TRIAX TDX Black Edition headend is at the core of our hotel solution.

Supporting the latest technologies and industry standards, the TDX Black Edition is your ultimate choice when delivering reliable solutions to the hospitality sector.

Easy to install, simple to configure and the best platform for delivering superior concierge services that drive engagement and revenue.

Any questions? Just contact us and we'll help you each step of the way.

For further information and inspiration, take a look at our brochures:

Adobe PDF file icon 32x32 TRIAX Hospitality Solutions – for installers

Adobe PDF file icon 32x32 TRIAX Hospitality Solutions – for hotel proprietors

Adobe PDF file icon 32x32 TRIAX Internet Solution – offering guests stable and customised internet packages

Adobe PDF file icon 32x32 TRIAX Middleware Solution – offering guests services on multiple devices

How it works

TDX Black Edition Headend

- Easy to install due to hybrid modular design
- Simple to configure and operate via new HTML5 GUI
- 50% reduced noise level

Conditional access

- Film studio approved encryption options for secure HD content distribution
- Pay-per-view solution
- Metering content consumption per user

A lifetime of support

- Supported Setup
- Supported Installation
- Supported Solution

TV sets

- Professional Hotel-TVs
- Reliable Smart-TVs
- SWAP included

Middleware solution

- Proven revenue increase per guest per stay
- Subscription based cloud solution
- Supports guest journey and hotel business on all media

Internet solution

- Subscription based cloud solution (HSIA)
- Full flexibility in creating bandwidth WiFi packages
- Low operating and maintenance costs

Remote Management

- Reduced service cost
- Remote off-site proactive maintenance and system upgrading
- Status monitoring via SNMP

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