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Article number: 121689

TD64 - RAL 7016

Article number: 121889

TD88 - RAL 7016

Article number: 362611

DAP 611 - 60cm - RAL 7016

Article number: 362610

DAP 610 - 60cm - RAL 1013

Article number: 121989

TD110 - RAL 7016

Article number: 362711

DAP 711 - 70cm - RAL 7016

Article number: 121589

TD54 - RAL 7016

Article number: 362911

DAP 911 - 90cm - RAL 7016

Satellite dishes

Satellite dishes

TRIAX dishes are available in many sizes, materials and colours for any job, ranging from single to multiple user applications and any type of environment. The dishes allow a substantial reduction in time used for mounting and adjusting:

  • The elevation bracket is pre-mounted and easily fixed to the mast with non-slip mast brackets.
  • A setting scale on the elevation brackets facilitates precise adjustment to the required satellite.
  • The pre-mounted feedarm just needs unfolding, and the LNB holder with the LNB is simply clicked on.
  • The dishes are manufactured according to Triax's quality standards – with precision tools and robot technology ensuring absolute uniform and optimum geometry for perfect signal reception. Available in individual and various bulk packaging types.


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