New UHF Aerials with @700 MHz LTE protection

Avoid signal disruption, with the new @700 MHz LTE protected aerials from TRIAX

People love mobile broadband. So much so that governments worldwide are dedicating more and more of the frequency spectrum to accommodate it.

Unfortunately they're in for a surprise if their favourite TV show is interrupted due to the interference it causes.

To solve this, we’re pleased to introduce our new range of @700 UHF aerials.

They protect against 4G signal disruption, ensuring problem-free TV & Radio reception where LTE is being rolled out in the 700 MHz band.

With our 69 years of dedication to aerial development, you can trust TRIAX for the utmost reliability and the highest performance:

  • Mechanical filtering for higher gain
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Exceptional build quality and durability
  • Corrosion and weather proof

TRIAX Aerial Benefits


For more information download the brochure:

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 700 & 800 Mhz UHF aerials

Product List

Article number
Product name Description Packaging
105470 DIGI 14, LTE 700, ch 21-48 14 element Digi, UHF 700 MHz LTE Colour box
105480 DIGI 18, LTE 700, ch 21-48 17 element Digi, UHF 700 MHz LTE Colour box
105550 UNIX 32, LTE 700, ch 21-48 32 element Unix, UHF 700 MHz LTE Colour box
105560 UNIX 52, LTE 700, ch 21-48 52 element Unix, UHF 700 MHz LTE Colour box
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