TDX Frontend - DVB-C [QAM]

Article number: 492024

Product description:

DVB-C input module.
QAM demodulator
The DVB-C frontend is an input module for the reception of digital cable signals (DVB-C).The module can receive a complete cable MUX and send all services in the MUX to the TDX pool. The DVB-C frontend module includes a tuner, with integrated gain control and channel filtering, and a QAM demodulatorwith serial transport stream input to the TDX system. The DVB-C modules can be placed in any of the slots in the input section. For ease of use, each slot has been given a number and an overview of the slot numbers is placed on a sticker mounted on the inside of the door on the TDX frame. It is possible to remove an input module from a module slot without using any tools and without interrupting the power supply.Using your fingers, simply press the fastener downwards and then pull the module off the module slot.


EAN Number 5702664920247
Demodulator 16 QAM, 64 QAM, 128 QAM, 256 QAM
Demodulator Symbolrate 1.8 ...7.2 Msym/s
Demodulator Type QAM
Input QAM modes 16 QAM, 64 QAM, 128 QAM, 256 QAM
Input level 45 ... 85 dBµV
Input level - QAM256 40 ... 85 dBµV
Input level - QAM64 45 ... 85 dBµV
Bandwidth 8 MHz
Input frequency range 114 - 858 MHz
Input noise figure < 7.0 dB
Input return loss > 7.0 dB
Impedance 75 Ω
DC Operating voltage 12 ± 1 VDC
Temperature - operating -10...50 °C
Temperature - storage -20 ..70 °C
DC Current consumption 120 mA
Humidity - operating 20...80 %
Humidity - storage 10...90 %
Number of inputs 1
Dimensions product (H x D x W) 29 x 132 x 50 mm
Packaging Depth 0,160 m
Packaging Height 0,040 m
Total Weight 0,088 kg
Packaging Width 0,070 m
Net Weight 0,056 kg
Packing QTY 1
Tara Weight 0,032 kg

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